Apple Fandom Seems a Bit Like a Borderline Religious Bias to Me

android vs iosI try really hard to keep an open mind about new tech. Especially tech ‘toys’. I like to look at the factors involved in each and weigh the pros and cons. Certainly before spending good money (are tech toys ever cheap?) I want to know what I’m getting.

As I still haven’t purchased a tablet device yet, I’ve been paying attention to sites like Engadget to see what they have to say about the devices that are available and those that are on their way. I’m looking to Apple to show me what their iPad 2 is going to be, but I haven’t heard much that makes me think that it will be any better than what’s already provided by the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

While looking for information on tablet devices, I came to this article on why the new Apple iPad 2 should make you ‘forget Android’. While I understand when people ‘just like something better’ (most commonly because of personal experience) I found this article to be a huge leap of faith in Steve Jobs and company. As I thought about each of the author’s points, I found myself considering the counterpoint. Then, I found myself writing them down and replying to the post. While it may be a moot point to argue with people on blogs / forums, I thought my readers might appreciate each of my counter points, so here they are:

1. Verizon also offers Android based tablets. This point seems like a wash.

2. Consumers will watch as many of their friends and family purchase Android based tablets. They will want to be able to share info/apps/etc with these people, so buying an iPad will be prohibitive to them.

3. The enterprise security solution will likely help Apple here – provided that the solution is based on iOS despite the fact that there is a single supplier. If I was developing a security solution, I would do it for the os that will be used by dozens of suppliers, thus ensuring my market share.

4. I’m not disagreeing with you here, but that’s because you provide no examples or ways in which ‘Android OS leaves much to be desired’. Really? How so?

5. While I agree that, in general, Apple does a better job with design, I’m convinced that (with the sheer number of competitors working on Android) at least one or two of them will get it figured out – even if that’s just by mimicking the successful design features of the iPad.

6. Um… isn’t this a repeat of number 4?

7. Best tablet to build apps for? In what sense? (Again – not disagreeing, I just don’t know how you mean because you failed to elaborate.) What I _do_ know is that even I (as a non-programmer) can build apps for Android. For free. If I do, I’m likely to promote Android to my friends as I show off the app I built. That’s substancial marketing. One thing I will give you here – I DO think that the quality of the average iPad app is superior. I would imagine time will change that fact as competition for Android app paying customers pushes that particular envelope.

8. You’re absolutely correct here. Selling iPhones will help to sell more iPads. However, selling more Android phones will help sell more Android based tablets. With more providers creating Android phones and tablets, this seems like a losing point for Apple.

9. “if the rumors are true, the iPad 2 promises to address those issues and deliver an experience that the first iPad arguably should have offered” – Yup. And why would someone go with the device that’s playing ‘catch up’ with the competition? Flash anyone?

10. Truthfully, I think that this is your strongest argument for iPad sales. Apple is succeeding in the PC market far better than it has in years. It’s still a tiny portion of the overall market, but it’s growing. Consumers seeing the (admittedly wonderful) way that Macs ‘just work’ are likely to be turned on to the idea of an Apple created tablet. I will absolutely give you this one.

All in all, your points seem to me to point to “iPads will sell even better in 2011 than in 2010.” To that, I would agree. If, as you imply with your title, you’re trying to say that iPads will outsell Android based tablets, I think that you’re burying your head in the “I love Apple” sand.

I should probably point out here that I’m very much not anti-Apple or anti-iPad. In truth, I just found that this article seemed to be lacking the very kind of evidence that the article’s title implied. Please – if you’re a follower of the iPad news, and have some reason(s) that you think that the iPad can overtake the Android masses, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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