Ignite Wilmington #5

I was very happy to attend Ignite Wilmington #5.

Impassioned speakers talking about the things they care about and giving you the Cliff’s Notes™ version in 5 minutes flat. It’s fast paced, eclectic, and it’s just plain fun.

So take all that, add some beer and snacks, and the kind of people who art interested . . . → Read More: Ignite Wilmington #5

A Productive Evening

I’ve had a good and productive evening.

What kind of productive evening you ask?

I have:

Dropped off the final video edits I did for one customer Ran some errands Helped Joe do a complete revamp of The Joe Trainor Trio website. Showed Joe around the inner workings of WordPress to give him a . . . → Read More: A Productive Evening

Small Business eMarketing – Don’t Rapidfire Tweet!

Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense javanense) by Lip Kee

Finding a good rhythm when using social media can be tricky.  Simply ‘avoiding the worst habits’  isn’t enough; striking the right balance between tweeting too often and not tweeting enough is good place to start.   All too often small business marketers overcompensate for a lack . . . → Read More: Small Business eMarketing – Don’t Rapidfire Tweet!