Ignite Wilmington #5

Ignite WilmingtonI was very happy to attend Ignite Wilmington #5.

Impassioned speakers talking about the things they care about and giving you the Cliff’s Notes™ version in 5 minutes flat. It’s fast paced, eclectic, and it’s just plain fun.

So take all that, add some beer and snacks, and the kind of people who art interested in what’s going on around them and in ways to get involved, and I’m sure you can see why this is something that I can’t recommend highly enough.

Check out some information from Ignite Wilmington events of the past by checking out the IW Website.

Or, if you’re already looking forward to IW#6, here’s the list of the speakers (per the IW post here) who spoke at IW #5 to give you a feel for the spectrum of topics:

Joseph Masiello – Delaware’s Teacher of the Year will speak about the Power of Teachers!
Patrick Callahan – How a tweet turned into a trip for him to Pakistan (which he returned safely from!)
Jackie Ivy – How do you define beauty?
Kati Driscoll – AAA – How to decide if your social program is successful
Sam Hobbs – Twin Lakes Brewing
J. Anthony Miguez – Putting Wilmington on the map
Maiza Hixson – DCCA
Bill Swezey- What is “The Cloud” Anyway and Why Should I Care?
Scott Spencer – The potential of High Speed Rail for Delaware and our nation
Mike Schwarz – 2nd & LOMA- One year later
Julie MacWilliams and Erin Sicuranza – Jumping the Mommy Track
Candice Roseo – Bella Vista Trattoria – Italian Wines you should know but don’t

So not only was this a great collection of different interests, but it was at the newly open World Cafe Live – Queen Theater. The Queen seems like the perfect symbol of revival and fresh blood that is so prevelent at Ignite events.

I really can’t wait to hear about IW#6, and I just found out that now there’s an Ignite Newark! Ah Delaware – you seem like you’re moving in the right direction!

Also – are you one of the speakers? Would you like me to link to your site here? Let me know in the comments below!

(Edited to add: There are now videos of the individual speakers up on the Ignite site! Go check them out!)

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