Reasons To Use WordPress for Your Business Web Interactions

Building simple, clean websites with WordPressWe here at Matt-Works often use WordPress to build websites for our clients who are looking to have a more hands on approach to their web presence.  We’ve been asked why we’re so enamored with this ‘blogging platform’ over the other ways and means of designing websites. The reasons are plentiful, but here’s just a few to get you started:

Your Site Will Be Easy to Update

One thing that anyone espousing SEO knowledge will tell you is that you need to keep active online if you want the search engines to pay attention to your site. Gone are the days where you could get anywhere near the top of the search list by building a website (no matter the content or meta tags) and leave it. No more ‘set it and forget it’ in today’s smarter search engine world.

This means someone has to do that updating. You can pay someone else to publish your content and notify the world of the latest happenings at your company or business, or you can do it yourself – provided you don’t need to be the web equivalent of a neurosurgeon to do that. WordPress makes that a simple process. If you can work within a word processing program like Microsoft Word you can work in WordPress.

Your Website Won’t Bankrupt You

Let’s face it – you need a website (who doesn’t?) but you’re not sure what it’s going to get you for your money. Without a clear line to the return on your investment, you’re understandably concerned.

WordPress, as a platform, is free. This means that the only costs to you are your domain name, your hosting space, and (if you need it) someone like us to help get it set up and laid out how you like it. This helps to keep the costs tremendously low by comparison with some other web design platforms.

It’s quick, easy, and elegant – without passing on the functionality, which brings us nicely to…

It’s Scalable

You’re not sure how big your site will need to become over time. It’s a given that you want your business to grow. As it does, your website will presumably need to grow with it. If you find yourself rebuilding your site every couple of years that could become quite a drain on your resources – both time and money. And really? Who wants that when you can have an extremely flexible back end like WordPress which can grow with you?

You can start with a simple ‘Information Only’ website with a couple of pages and a news feed today and in a couple of years, when your explosive growth warrants it? Have a completely integrated social network site so that your ravenous customers can interact with each other as readily and happily as they do with you.

All without breaking or changing your website away from WordPress.

It’s Flexible

With WordPress themes, you can select from a wide range of ‘looks’ for your site with literally just a few clicks. Feel like a change? Change the appearance of the entire site with just a few more clicks. Don’t like any of the hundreds of freely available themes? Matt-Works can build you one from scratch inexpensively, and when it comes time to change to the new look? It’s a simple flip of a switch – not days or weeks of changing code over bit by bit.

Now, while not every site design works with every theme, the tweaks that need to be made to fit most sites to most themes are (if anything) minor. That again helps us to keep the costs low for our clients, and that makes everyone happy.

There are many more reasons to use WordPress as one possible way to build you small business website, but we’ll save some of them for another day. If you would like more information on the creation of a website for your small business, please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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