Small Business eMarketing – Don’t Rapidfire Tweet!

Woodpecker by Lip Kee

Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense javanense) by Lip Kee

Finding a good rhythm when using social media can be tricky.  Simply ‘avoiding the worst habits’  isn’t enough; striking the right balance between tweeting too often and not tweeting enough is good place to start.   All too often small business marketers overcompensate for a lack of social media presence by committing the deadly sin of the dreaded rapidfire tweet.

In a best case scenario, your customers (and potential customers, too) pay close attention to everything you put online.  While most folks probably won’t have your tweets automatically sent to their phones via SMS/text, your best customers probably will.  These are your evangelists, and they are worth their weight in gold!

If, like many people, you sit down to go over the most recent batch of tweets and send out replies, it’s easy to send out three, four, or more tweets in a short span of time.  If your followers have to read through a series of responses all at once it can be annoying.  If they actually do have your tweets sent to their phones, that means that they’re getting one notification after another as you send out those tweets.

The last way you want to brand yourself is as annoying. If you’re sending out multiple tweets in one shot, you might wind up losing your best customers.

The good news is that there’s an easy fix. No, you don’t have to sit back down with Twitter every five minutes in order to spread out your tweets and your replies.  Hootsuite is a great tool for small business owners to use when interracting with Twitter. The best feature of this free application is that you can schedule your tweets ahead of time. Simply adding 15 minutes or more between your tweets will allow you to send out many replies/tweets in one sitting without annoying those who are following you.

There are other benefits to Hootsuite, such as the ability to have multiple users sending tweets out from the same account, but I’m not here to sell you on Hootsuite.  My goal here is to make it clear that you have to be careful how you interact with your followers, which is an easy thing to do badly.

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