Small Businesses Online – Less Is More

Less Is MoreI’ve recently become quite a fan of podcasts. I see a lot of potential in them for establishing small business expertise and networking. There does seem to be one thing that many podcasters haven’t figured out yet though – less is more.

Collecting information on the web is the same thing. There’s a glut of posts on every topic under the sun, but here’s the thing – they’re online – where the ADHD nature of our society is at its worst. Here’s where we want to get in and get out the fastest.

The point? Get to the point faster. Clean up your podcast and remove all the ‘excess’. Edit your posts. Remove the fluff. Yes, you’ll have less ‘content’, but I suspect people will pay more attention to you after you’ve gone that extra mile. You’ll have proved the level of quality that you’re looking to produce rather than the quantity.

I want my customers to think of me more as a fine dining establishment than a fast food place.

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